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Performance Matters

DynamiC Environments for integrated vr, ar and live events

Design & Producer Services & Budgeting & Staffing & Project Management & Production Strategy

Notch & Houdini FX & Disguise D3 & TouchDesigner & Ableton & Unreal Engine 4 & Unity 3D


We want to help you bring your vision to vr & AR In Real Time


we love producing 

We've been involved in designing, developing and producing live entertainment concepts since 2008. Our experiences cover Lincoln Center and Broadway in New York City, branded activations in every major US city and parties on three continents. We've been in the room working on ballet, opera, TV, theater, live product launches, fashion shoots, commercial shoots, luxury night-life and museum installs.

Now we are changing gears - we want to be your Digital Event Extension team. We know how things work in physical space - let's all keep working together in digital space.


Studio services


home is where the workstations rest

Savages maintains a digital asset pipeline built around traditional theatrical production-style departments. Hit the button for details.




we're easy to talk to

Got an idea, and you're not sure how to hit it? We can probably help you figure it out - we believe it's better to work out challenges before you work out a budget, and we have a good process for identifying challenges around new technology integration. All consulting work is private and confidential - we just want you to serve your ideas with as much preparation as possible.


Ted Pallas of Savages is investigating the power, meaning, and flexibility of media with a stunning level of creativity and rigor. In an era when the new becomes old faster than cornflakes get soggy, having Savages on your team may well be the smartest move any business could make.
— Rob Kaplowitz, Tony-Winning Sound Designer