Written Content

Savages provide a full array of copywriting services, for both internal communications and external-facing activations. We handle corporate blogging, social media post composition, presentation scripting, website copy and printed collateral copy.

Our process includes the development of a style guide for all of our copywriting clients - once we figure out how you sound when you sound your best, we do everything possible to make performance consistent across all channels.

Examples of blog, social media, and physical asset copy upon request.

Visual Content

Savage heritage is rooted in New York City's performing arts and fashion design cultures. Our visual content capabilities include scenic treatments for tradeshows and live events, motion graphic visuals and branded collateral graphic design services as well as photography and color-retouching.   

We are comfortable working within the confines of an existing style guide, and we are also comfortable helping to compose a style guide. 

Savages Creation Process

Savages believe that effective communication begins with product understanding and value proposition alignment. We believe in creating a narrative arc, or story, that guides a brand's selected audience to the ultimate realization of how great they are. We love this part and we think our notebooks show it - here's a peak of how we think.