Savages Design & Development is available for contract work in the following capacities:

Ted Pallas is available for short-term or long-term engagements as a media server programmer for concerts and events, media integrator for permanent installations, programmer for real-time media composition, sound engineering both live and in the studio, soundsystem tuning and general audio consulting. Ted is also available for opportunities engaging production management, technical direction for audio/visual installations, sound system design, video system design, sound design, video design, content management, production strategy, project supervision or other production- and production-management related tasks that require the ability to navigate design, engineering, installation and operations with equal fluidity.

The studio is available for general studio system design, audio content design, staging design development/previsualization, video shoots and music services. In addition to Ted's in-studio work Ted is also connected to a deep network of professional composers, musicians, DJs sound designers and producers in New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, Britain and Germany - we can help find the right audio design or music score, and integrate the resulting audio into your interactive media, video, film, streaming content or live event. 

We've also worked with a wide range of content production houses over the years, in all corners of the globe. We are available to consult on talent acquisition and budgeting for content creation, especially for firms exploring VR and AR applications of their core concepts.


Ted's CV


Studio work:

  • Str1ker Clock Tools for VCV Rack, Ableton Live and Max/MSP - releasing on in March 2018
  • VCV Rack Tutorial For CDM - a meaty tutorial about a very cool open-source modular synthesis environment, geared simultaneously towards beginner and advanced-intermediate synthesists with an emphasis on utilizing command-line tools to install Rack and extend module collections. We cover a lot of ground, and end up painlessly addressing several common stumbling blocks (software access and installation, community access, command line useage, weird modular synthesizer patching concepts) by focusing attention on novelty and deliverables. 
  • App design and production consultation with Primary Presents
  • Str1ke Mix in collaboration with M. Sylvia, for Brain Food - vinyl + VCV Rack as an insert FX on the master channel. Featuring modules by Savage Design and Development, JW Modules, NSythi, Mutable Instruments, Vult and Blamsoft. Link.
  • Initiated Maqam2MIDI project, concerting Arabic, Persian and Turkish Maqam/Maqamat to MPE MIDI in all twelve keys. First public release expected Q4 2018-Q1 2019


For hire:

  • Audio/Visual Install Technical Producer - The NFL Experience in Times Square - direct client: Thinkwell Group; end clients: the NFL Experience, Cirque du Soleil; vendor: Technomedia; location: Times Square, New York City
  • Playback Pro Operator - Phillips 66 Spring Meeting - direct client: Solotech;  location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Playback Pro Operator - Rheem/Ruud Spring Meetings - direct client: Solotech; location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Projection Mapping And Media Server Support Programmer - Samsung Galaxy S8 Reveal - direct client: Rabcup 
  • Hippotizer Media Server Support Programmer - Miss Universe Colombia - location: Cartagena, Colombia
  • Front Of House - DJ Events, punk bands and ethnic music nights - East Room - Spring 2017 - Chicago, IL
  • Sound System Engineering - Underground Events - Twist and Fader - Chicago, IL

Studio Work:

  • Twist and Fader Studio Production Residency and Studio Design Laboratory - A seven-month residency Ted utilized to explore the intersection between big-stage dance music festival music playback systems, external control, live instrument or sequencer integration and studio techniques. The result was a clear process for initiating work in a studio environment, isolating essential gestures in the composition process and transposing those gestures to the hybrid dance music performance environment. Additional R&D revolved around media server control with LFO and other BPM-related tool integration.
  • Greco 727 SOR EP on Toxic Recordings - Remixes by M. Sylvia and Frankie Vega - A short burst of noise music formatted for dance floors. Recorded using Ableton Live, Bitwig and Pure Data, processed through two Pioneer DJM 900nxs mixers. Link.
  • Greco 727 ft Piece O'scar Komboloi EP on The Seed - Three songs Ted wrote in Aurora, IL across 2016. Each track is an exploration of repetition as expressed in the forms of the landscape between Aurora, Chicago and Rockford, IL. Recorded off an MPC 2000XL, Ableton Live and Reaktor Blocks.
  • Str1ke - A performance and composition laboratory engaged with M. Sylvia (Sylvia Dziemian) focused on exploring the intersection between vinyl-centered DJ music-mixing practices and studio composition techniques, from the same gestural perspective as the Twist & Fader residency. The direct result was the Str1ker Tempo Management system for VCV Rack. Additionally the project is used as a brand-building workshop for exploring the impact of time on a property - it's heady but fun, if you do branding ask about it.


For Hire:

  • Sound Designer, Media Server Integrator - Jim Beam Christmas Show - client: Amazing Industries; agency: Pearl Media - Clermont, KY
  • Venmo Guerilla Projection