Savages is the professional signature for the production, programming and consulting work of Ted Pallas and Alexandra Hartman. Savages are currently focusing on media server and audio system design and integration. Our lab time is currently being spent optimizing traditional live media workflows in order to accommodate the needs of the real-time environment illustrated by Notch, TouchDesigner, Smode, Ventuz and Max/MSP.

We love open-source software and hardware. We are currently beating the drum for VCV Rack, including authoring some coverage on CDM. We also use Pure Data, Axoloti and gear by Mutable Instruments and Sound Machines.

Our process heritage is in traditional studio and live performance arts. Ted's early-career background in audio and video system design and integration for Broadway, Lincoln Center venues, NYC nightlife led to a production career that has included end clients like the NFL and Cirque du Soleil, Samsung, Nike, Volswagen, AT&T, Jim Beam, Rheem and Ruud, Phillips 66 and others. Alex's design and production experience in the luxury fashion industry equips us to handle international production teams on tight schedules with daily deliverables.

Ted also uses Savages to provide music production services for songwriters, sound designers, producers and composers. Ted is currently working with Sylvia Dziemian as half of Str1ke and releasing his own music as Greco 727. Ted is currently focusing his music practice on real-time laptop performance in both solo and ensemble contexts.

We are also partnered up with Sleepery Supply. We're honored and excited to be part of the bleeding edge of artist remittance. 

Reach out to or for all inquiries.