Technology Impacts Messaging Effectiveness

The modern world is full of displays - your smartphone, TV, computer screen and tablet are all part of a larger trend towards networked communication. Composing an effective message isn't just a question of copy and content - effective messages are delivered effectively for the audience at hand.

Our experience with creative display options is deep - projectors and mapping, seamless monitor walls, LED tiles, 78" televisions, at concerts, tradeshows and on the street...we've seen it all. Here's a secret - every project that involves digital output is really a display project. Holler at us with the messaging tool to the right. We love talking shop on this stuff.


The TD Bank Forest Wall project, launched in September 2012, was part of a larger campaign that was communicating the work TD was doing to contribute to a healthier environment. Savages were tasked with designing an installation and programming solution. We chose to suggest partnering with the Production Resource Group for eqiupment and PRG Media Services for content - this was a great choice, as we were afforded an unusual amount of flexibility in how we approached the details of the build.

The screen itself was made out a 4x4 grid of Samsung seamless LEDs - this display allowed the maximum amount of both daylight brightness and resolution. The screen had a slight fold in the middle, encouraging passengers to "stop and square," exposing the touch hands. New Yorkers are a hard crew to stop, but our activation was consistently pulling over 750 interactions a day. 

The touch hands (detailed here) triggered animations of woodlands wildlife keyed-in over a lush forest background. A high-end PRG Mbox Media Server delivered individual clips as they were triggered by the hands - this is the same equipment used to power concert tours and festival video shows around the world, and it showed in the stability we enjoyed across the project. The animations triggered snappily, and there wasn't a single playback error across the entire six-week run. Branded activations need to be rock-solid in the tech department, else they run the risk of underwhelming - when everything is smooth, brands can be confident the message is being delivered in the best possible condition. Using road-tested playback techniques from the live entertainment arena help brands harness stability.

Savages also handled dressing, care, and feeding of the wall across the duration of the activation, showing up each morning to make sure the screen was running, and to water our plants. We got to know a woman who'd wait for the screen to turn on while she walked by with her dog, then hang out for a minute while her dog played with the animals. The dog's name was Cindy. Cindy really liked the porcupine, and the bear.

Trade Shows

We create spaces on the trade floor that serve our client by getting people to stick around for a few minutes. 

The biggest "thing" about trade shows is that every deployment is different - size of show, size of booth in ratio to show, budget, and goals from attendance all bear significant influence on the final execution of a trade show design. We offer a full range of design and production services, from booth architecture to collateral production to ambassador training. We also provide on-site social media coverage, in order to help drive traffic to the booth.