Traktor v2.11 Sequencer Lemur Control Interface

Native Instrument's Traktor got an update last night, and alongside Ableton Link support (woo!) they've given us four four-track sequencers (woo-hoo!) They're capable sequencers, with per-deck swing and per-deck per-track sequence length - polyrhythmic remixes of We Found Love are yours to achieve with minimal headache.

The rub is that they didn't give us anything in the software interface that'll let us turn on and program these Linked-in sequence machines. If you own one of their big fancy stems controllers or an F1 they've provided mappings. For the rest of us they leave it to you to get down and dirty.

So we did! We made a Lemur template and a TSI that let you control Step Sequencers on Remix Decks on both Deck C and Deck D.

Download link BELOW THE INSTRUCTIONS - Please read these, it's a hairy feature.

Installation -

Open the .jzml in the Lemur for iPad app. Do this via the computer-based editor. It's easy, just open the file in the editor, open the app on your iPad, and then hit the "play" button in the editor software on the PC. You should see your iPad's name - click "connect" to sync your file.

If you don't see your iPad's name follow common networking troubleshooting steps.

Once you've got the file installed point Midi 1 at Daemon 1, both input and output.

In Traktor, import the TSI file in the zip. Select Lemur Daemon 1 for both input and output.

If you haven't already make at least either Deck C or Deck D into a Remix Deck - both at the same time works great, too!

Here's how the template works - 

C sequencers are on the top, D sequencers are on the bottom.  

Hit "play" on a deck, let's say Deck D. 

Hitting "Sequencer Off" will turn the Sequencer "On" - the text is a monitor of current status. Below the text a bar will start running - this is approximate sequencer position.

Load a sample into the top of each "Remix Slot" in the upper-left cell of Deck D. Do a kick drum. 

The sequencers work Maschine-style - lower left hand is step 1, upper right hand is step 16. Tap cells 1, 5, 9 and 13 in the lower left-hand grid matrix. You should hear something! Now jiggle the fader underneath it all the way up, all the way down, and all the way up again. This fader sets pattern length.

All the matrices work the same. If something seems funky, clear the pattern by tapping your activated steps. Sometimes I find I need to slide the pattern length on boot. best of luck, if there's any questions use the form on this page to reach out.


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