A Sweet Bass Synth Patch For Axoloti

Man, we just can't get enough Bass Synth action around here. We love nyash - whether it's a big thick D'Angelo tone or a Rice Krispie Treat 303 we never have enough low-end. When we got the Axoloti last fall we started mucking around with our perfect bass synth - this was more-or-less why we picked up the chip in the first place.

This is pretty much where we've landed. Not gonna lie, it's a dumb-ass synth. A stack of oscillators feeds a Low Pass Filter, and then the LPF feeds some "stomps." Stomps are Axoloti nomenclature for "fx modules." They are my most reached-for objects. This synth sounds good when it plays basslines. If you play a bassline lemme hear it!

Be careful with this synth - it's starting out in a relatively tame place. There's several volume knobs. If things aren't working out for you as you turn knobs add in some scopes - one after the filter bank, one out of the VCA handling the envelope, one after the FX, one after the output.

So, Axo fans, who here makes modules? Want to discuss making a LPF, or showing me how?

As per the usual hit the button for a DL. If you caught Sleepery at Knobcon you've already played with this little firecracker.


Ted Pallas1 Comment