Connecting Communities with Virtual Live Event Attendance 

Showcast is a platform for delivering the most accurate, immersive virtual live-event experience.

We’re developing a production flow that will enable a broadcaster to provide a novel experience for their audience. Showcast provides a stream that will be viewable across at least 180 degrees, at the highest resolution available to the consumer. We accomplish this with a combination of optical vector manipulation techniques (OpVec) and consumer-oriented augmented/virtual reality technology, supported by rock-solid network and communications infrastructure.

We’re designing our technology to be delivered across multiple platforms in a fashion seamless for the consumer - our delivery technology is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and HTML5-compatible browsers. The consumer is offered several high-quality streams to choose from - a static wide shot, a switched feed from a group of directed handhelds, and our proprietary OpVec technology. The OpVec shot, from the consumer perspective, is presented as a limited viewport within a larger texture being rendered on the user’s device of choice, with its position controlled by the user themselves.

This allows us to offer a head-turning “you are there” experience. As display technologies get more exciting, this gets more exciting. Our goal is to get the immersive streams out there, so that as symbiotic technologies come to market - i.e. Oculus Rift - they’re being paired with exciting, engaging content with a high level of desirability.

We've got a very, very special trick up our sleeves regarding high-bandwidth IP Video transmission - our platform is going to be able to stream Higher than High Definition content to widely-available consumer computing platforms of all stripes. It's an exciting time to be working in video.

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