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virtual scenography Pipeline

Our pipeline looks like the following:

Initial Phase

C4D - Model Creation

Premier - Initial Video Asset Prep

Photoshop - Everything Pixel

Illustrator - Everything Vector

After Effects - As infrequently as possible


Scene Composition Phase

Cinema 4D - animation, lighting, texturing

DaVinci - Initial color treatment


Realtime Integration

Notch - real-time server integration, also a great render engine

Unreal - for content headed to VR/AR/kiosks



DaVinci Resolve  - color processing

After Effects - titling :(

Premier Pro - slamming it all together

Adobe Media Encoder - rendering it all out to final media



On-site integration

Avolites Ai - Swiss Army server for on-site video mapping and distribution

Disguise D3 - Detailed timeline-based playback

Hippotizer - for the biggest shows, go with what you know


Notch - what's realer than Real Time? How about 130 FPS?

MA2 OnPC - gotta cue it somehow


VR/AR Deployment

Notch - noticing a pattern, yet?

Unreal - the premier real-time content engine

Unity 3d


thinkwell nfl.jpg

AVC Integration

We've integrated over $15mn in equipment over the past 48 months on behalf of over a half-dozen partner firms. End clients include the NFL, Cirque Du Soleil, TD Bank, Samsung, Ms Universe Colombia, the governments of China and Barbados, Grand Central Terminal, Google, AT&T and more.

Our integration process covers the entire development cycle of a live event, themed entertainment installation or museum or cultural center. We've worked closely with end clients, production agencies, content firms, development incubators and other kinds of businesses to support and extend the capabilities of their teams. When needed we can staff for you, too - we take our team composition very seriously. We only work with the best, for the best, in the best way possible - on time and on budget.

And of course, we can help with some of the other stuff - travel arrangements and insurance and shipping logistics are easy for us. We know they can be painful for you sometimes.

Real-time Content creation

You can't be in graphics for entertainment these days without hearing buzz around "real time." We think real time is awesome because we can make, edit and finalize content in the room with you and your client. We've done site integration for a long time - content delivery has gone from "tapes and post-house authored DVDs and hard drives" to "Dropbox file," but it's always had to go offsite for notes and then come back with notes completed (maybe, sometimes, there's a graphics team on-site handling notes. We found this rare after 2010.)

With real-time graphics technology advancing rapidly, though, content doesn't have to leave the site to make changes anymore. We are available to work with your team to make sure we are helping you save as  much production time as possible, when it matters the most. We are able to integrate our composition and render phases with your teams production process as deeply as we need to to get the show up, without needing to bully your people into working our way. We're here to make a rocky transition situation smooth. We are the grape jelly to the real-time crunchy peanut butter - we are looking to meet more bread.

Interactive ideation

We've done activations with Kinects, Leap sensors, laser breakpoins, computer vision, real-time text input, voice input, custom MIDI hardware, DMX/Artnet/SACN and more. We don't talk about this stuff too often, as it's very technical and dull, but we've got you covered on ideating and integrating stable interaction processes.

Where's All The Photos of your work?

Typically, we find ourselves working in situations where we are being hired in part because we know how to be discreet. We don't take out cameras on job sites, and more often than not when we join a team our work belongs to that team. Until very recently, too, we only did work "know to call" - a portfolio was never relevant, so instead of building one we kept working.

Please fell free to reach out for a CV or references. Here's our Behance page and our Insta, @vivasavages




About us - design and production

Ted founded Savages in 2008, so he could manage billing for design teams he was leading. It never closed. Ted is currently working on boning up his 3D skills, and is having a good time playing with Wagnerian ratios inside videogame engines. Ted's goal is to use Savages as a vehicle to keep show people involved in building live VR and AR experiences. Ted also brings deep experience as a musician to the table, with over 15 years of collaborative musical practice exerting itself heavily in his day-to-day media life. - account creative and team ops

Alex joined Savages in 2013, after working several years as a men's knitwear designer in the NYC luxury fashion circuit. Alex brings deep experience with manufacture from design to storefront to the table, and couples that experience with a passion for expert storytelling. Alex heads up our content consulting service, working with stakeholders from early on to align goals and IP. Alex is in the submission stage for the novel "Everywhen," a psy-fi thriller that explores what happens when old systems meet new challenges.

Here's our Behance page and our Insta, @vivasavages

(SOME OF THE ) Work we've done

NFL Experience In Times Square - A/V/C Producer w/Thinkwell

Rheem/Ruud Vegas Meetings Spring 2017 - Playback Pro Operator

Jim Beam Christmas Light Show - 2016/2017 - Programmer

Farraday Future Launch - 2016 - Video Production (Onsite Modelling)

AT&T Final Four Booth - 2016 - Programmer



Making stuff pop since 2008

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