Savages have been privileged to work alongside some of the industries top agencies, providing top tier support and technical solutions.  Previous agency partners include: Mother Industries, Tierney, Spring Studios, mktg, LeadDog Productions. 

Digital and Physical Content Creation

If there's one rule of thumb when it comes to digital marketing, it's "content is king." Content goes viral when it speaks to many different people on a deep level. At Savages, we strive to create both digital and physical content that will widen your customer base by communicating on a deeper level with both existing and potential customers.  


Innovative Interactions

The modern world is full of displays - your smartphone, TV, computer screen and tablet are all part of a larger trend towards networked communication. Composing an effective message isn't just a question of copy and content - effective messages are delivered effectively for the audience at hand.

Technical Design and Production

Savage heritage lies in New York City live event production and fashion design processes. The founders of Savages, Alex and Ted, both approach their work with a rigorous, highly-engineered process designed to promote stability and repeatability. Over the past seven years Savages have produced a wide array of technical deliveries, ranging from custom network solutions to mass-market fashion lines to luxury event designs to one-off branded software solutions.  


Culture Curators

We don't just make stuff for brands - we also make stuff as an extension of our skill progression and design process. Savages get mixed up with fashion, music, video, stage shows and nightlife with an ever-growing list of NYC and internationally-based collaborators.